Cloth Diapering

When we were in the hospital they provided those Size 1 disposable diapers. You know, the ones with the cute Sesame Street characters on them. My husband thought it was funny and would tell our newborn son which character he was getting with each changing.

I didn’t bring any of our cloth diapers with us, as we had stocked up on about 24 of them before our son was born. I figured the disposables would be fine while we were in the hospital. We wouldn’t have any way to clean the cloth diapers like we would at home. It turned out to be a great idea, since the umbilical cord was still attached to his belly. We had to buy a few packs of disposables for the first couple of weeks so we could fold them down under the cord until it fell off.

But we still didn’t like the idea of disposables, even if we were temporarily using them. A lot of them have chemicals to help absorb liquids and we weren’t thrilled about that. He was also getting rashes frequently with them. Once his cord fell off, I was like a kid in a candy store, so excited to try out all the cloth diapers we picked for him!

We had preemptively selected four different brands and a few different types to see which ones we liked best. We also got a few different things after that we liked better. I’m going to rate them at a 1 through 5 (1 being least liked and 5 being most liked).

  • BumGenius: Freetime All-in-One (also got one Organic All-in-One)
  • MamaKoala: Pocket with inserts
  • ALVABABY: One Size with Inserts
  • Bambino Mio: Miosolo All-in-One
  • Bambino Mio: Miosoft (Cover only)
  • ALVABABY: Charcoal Bamboo with Gussets (Inserts only)
  • ALVABABY: 5 Layer Bamboo



IMG_9135These have the attached inserts, it’s two flaps that fold inward so you can adjust based on where you need the most absorption.

I really thought I was going to like these the most, but I actually ended up liking these the least.

We use these for nighttime only, because they have the most absorption from the double layering. They are so bulky that we just only use them at night, they just won’t fit very well in clothing.

They’re also a lot harder to clean because there are so many folds.

These are also some of the most expensive diapers. They range from $21 to $25 a piece.

I’d rate these at 2 out of 5.



IMG_9059 (1)These have the separate inserts and the pockets. I don’t use the pockets at all, because if you simply lay the insert inside you can get more than one use out of the cover if it doesn’t get messy (that’s what the inserts are for, right?).

I like the price on these. It’s around $35 to $40 for six covers and six inserts. The only thing we didn’t really like about these was that the inserts have plastic buttons on them to adjust the size. They had plenty of absorption, we just didn’t like having that plastic piece against our baby’s skin.

They aren’t super bulky, but still bulkier than some of the others out there. The covers are really cute though and there are a lot of different design options.

I’d rate these at 3.5 out of 5.




I absolutely love these, they’re my favourite of everything we’ve tried so far. They come with six covers and TWELVE inserts.

They’re microfiber and very absorbent. The price is really good for what you’re getting. The covers are really similar to the MamaKoala, but they’re a little nicer on the inside and I like the snap design a little better.

BumGenius and MamaKoala have the double row snaps, but this has double row with three snaps that give you a little bit more of a custom fit. You’ll see on the product pictures on Amazon how the snaps are compared to the others. The inserts don’t have the plastic buttons on them and you get twice as many.

These range from $38 to $50. I feel like the value is better with these and the quality is really nice too. There are also a lot of cute cover designs you can choose from. They are the same bulkiness as the MamaKoala diapers.

I’d rate these at 4.5 out of 5.


Bambino MioSolo:

IMG_9051These are very similar to the BumGenius All-in-Ones except they only have one flap instead of two. We actually like these better, because they’re also velcro instead of snaps.

They’re still very bulky so we only use them at night. They’re just easier to use and easier to clean. I still don’t like these as much as the others because of how large they are. They’re also on the pricey end at $22 per diaper.

I’d rate these at 2.5 out of 5.





Bambino MioSoft:

41370472_10156657873326449_4791958723692068864_nThese are easily our second favourite when combo’d with the inserts that came with the ALVABABY diapers. These are ONLY covers, they don’t come with inserts. So the price is pretty nice, they’re $13 a piece.

The covers are very slim, they don’t have that inner cloth pocket layer, so it’s just the leakproof outer layer. It has another gusset layer around the leg to help with leaks as well. These are what we use when we dress him up because it’s a lot more slim than any of the others. They’re much closer to the size a disposable is.

If your babies diapers are extremely wet, these might not be a good idea. Whenever my son has extra wet diapers, these do tend to leak a little on occasion. But I feel that the lack of bulk with these makes up for the off-chance it’s going to be one of those occasions.

I’d rate these at 4 out of 5.


ALVABABY Charcoal Gusset Insert:

I liked these at first. They’re very absorbent and keep all mess from getting on the covers really well.

The only drawback with these is how difficult it is to spray them off. If you soak instead of spray these would be worth having, but if you spray I would just skip them entirely and go for the 5 layer without the gusset.

These run about $16 for six of them.

I’d rate these at 2 out of 5.


ALVABABY 5 Layer Insert:

These are super absorbent. I love these. On my son’s wetter days I usually have to double up on the microfiber ones that came with the diapers to prevent leaking, which can add extra bulk. I only need one of these compared to two of the others, so it’s not as bulky. And they’re super soft.

These run about $19 for six. These are a must have for the heavier days!

I’d rate these at 5 out of 5.


Toilet Sprayer:

If you’re going to go with Cloth Diapers you have to have a way to rinse them before throwing them in the wash. You can choose the soaking route and just throw them in a bucket of water, or you can spray them in the toilet.

It’s much faster and less messy to spray them. I got this for about $36 and it was really easy to install (I got it started and made my husband finish it). I like the quality of this one and the price is very reasonable.


Storage Bin:

These are the storage bins I chose for storing the diapers. I was using some smaller bins before, but I kept buying more and more diapers so I needed something that would fit a good amount of them. I’m going to end up needing a fourth bin and I love these.

They offer many different sizes so you can get the size you need. I went measured my changing table and bought a size that was appropriate for it. These run $13 per bin. They have a metal top rim and are soft bottom, but they stay upright with no issues.

They’re sturdy and look really cute!

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